Mission Control



Mission Control is actually MISSION CRITICAL yet daily operations are the #1 reason businesses fail.  Why is that?  The overwhelming majority of business owners do not know how to run a business.  You go to college to learn a skill so you can work for a company.  Most colleges do not teach you how to run a business properly.  I can’t tell you how many companies we have worked with that were in serious trouble and were run by people with no prior experience running a business or possess a business degree from their local or state college.  At school you learn how to integrate into an existing system and do specific tasks within that system.  You do not, nor could you, learn how to run all the different aspects of a growing company.

Most businesses fail because they are run by people who don’t know how to run a business.

How is it that McDonald’s can be almost entirely run by teenagers?  How does Subway make the same sandwiches consistently all across the world?  Processes, People and Products.  They put the right people in the right jobs, create processes for them to follow to produce a product that is consistent.

Mission Control will teach you how to evaluate every aspect of your business as well as those working in it.  You will learn how to move the right people into the right jobs to get the results that a well-run organization can achieve.



Day to Day Structure

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