Run away from the Herd



Run Away From the Herd advanced course focuses on your unique value position.  If you run a heating and cooling business in “anytown usa” you probably perform all the services that the other 50 heating and cooling companies do.  You probably say we provide the best units and the best warranty’s and have the most competitive prices.  You probably even say we have the best customer service.  Guess what?  Every other heating and cooling company does and says the exact same thing.  So if all things are equal how do you get business over the competition?

Getting customers has never been easier, – Seth R

We teach you how to look at your market, competition, products, pricing, services and customers in a completely different way.  You will learn how to define your market, who you customer is exactly and with a unique set of tools we will teach you how to be so different from your competition that customers will flock to your company while your competition is left scratching their heads.  This works in any industry.

Think of the competition in your market like competing in a series of 100 yard dash races.  Think of what is required in order to win a 100 yard dash.  First you have to have a track and officials to start and record the finish of the race.  Then you have lines that you can’t cross or you are disqualified.  Then you have the competitors, all following the same rules, all working hard every day to be just one one-hundredth of a second faster than the person next to them.  The race begins, “on your mark, get set, go!” and you are off and all your energy, focus and will go into winning that race and sometimes you do, but often it is someone else that wins.  The winner gets access to the clamoring crowd, while the losers slink back to the training track getting ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

We take a different approach to competing.  We reject the rules and even the race.  Learn how to write your own rules, get away from the competition and address the crowd in a different way.  Tell the crowd that the race is actually happening at a different track so when they get there you are the only one there to service them.  Be the guy in the stands selling hotdogs.  Invest in a jetpack and blow the competition away or create a teleporter that has you winning the race just as it starts.  Does that seem crazy or impossible to you?  If so it’s because you are elbow to elbow fighting with your competition trying to win new clients every day following the same rules everyone else does.  There is a much better way to win clients and make your competition irrelevant.  We go in-depth and show you how, through examples of companies that do it every day.

This isn’t out of the box thinking, it’s out of this world thinking and once you understand it you feel stupid that you didn’t think of it yourself.


Go Places Others Cannot

Go places and do things for your customers that other companies cannot or will not go.  Create a unique brand and experience and never compete for a customer again!