Start with Why and you will never be confused about what you are doing. ~ Lance Miller

About Us

About The Infinite Boost


We believe in thinking differently.  We study complex proven business strategies and tactics used by successful companies all over the world and eliminate confusion by developing step by step easy to understand and simple to implement strategies so that small business (companies under $500 million per year) owners can benefit from them.

At The Infinite Boost, we live by a mantra.  “Live a 4B Life”.  This mantra guides every decision we make in our daily lives.  We encourage each other to think BIG and be BOLD and fearless.  To stop and see the BEAUTY in life and count our BLESSINGS.  It also means having a BIG impact on other peoples success.  Setting BOLD goals and going after them.  Creating a BEAUTIFUL life while being a BLESSING to others.  That is our “why”.  If you start with why you will never be confused about what you are doing.

Start with Why and you will never be confused about what you are doing.  ~ Lance Miller

What we offer our thousands of clients is unlike anything else currently available on the market.  The Infinite Boost program is for every small business that is struggling with multiple areas of your business.  Sales, accounting, system processes, employees, your product or even your message.  This course will cover twelve different areas and how to improve them in a significant way.   If your company is well established but you are struggling in one particular area then you can sign up for one of our twelve advanced courses.  These are all in-depth cutting edge classes that fill up in the first few days so get your spots quick.

Life challenge

Live a 4B Life!


Our goal is NOT to do business with everyone who wants what we have. Our goal is to do business with everyone who believes what we believe.

  • We BELIEVE in LIVING A 4B LIFE: Big, Bold, Beautiful and Blessed Life.
  • We BELIEVE in hard work, constantly learning and sharing what we learn with others in an easy to understand and direct way.
  • We BELIEVE that by lighting your candle that it does not diminish our own but makes the room brighter.
  • We BELIEVE in taking responsibility for our own actions and being honest.
  • We BELIEVE in controlling the outcome of our own lives.
  • We BELIEVE that a rising tide lifts all boats.

If you BELIEVE in these things, sign up today and let’s get started. If not we simply are not a good fit for you.

Think Differently